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We believe in empowering every voice and are committed to becoming better leaders of diversity and inclusion.

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Upcoming Courses

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month please join KeeleyOne for an intimate conversation where we will share a personal story that intertwines with professional journeys. Explore the intricate tapestry of experiences, challenges, and triumphs that shape the narrative of Hispanic professionals, offering diverse perspectives that transcend boundaries and enrich our collective understanding. 

9/17 | 11:00AM-12:00PM CST

VOICE Chat | Beyond Borders: Perspective of A Hispanic Professional



Ewing Training Room & MS Teams


Keeley Companies is a place where everyone belongs. It's the responsibility of all Keeley'ns to take an active part in creating an environment for everyone to thrive. How do we encourage people of all backgrounds and experience levels to connect with one another and work together effectively?

The 'Working Together Puzzle' gives you opportunities to genuinely connect and build relationships with other Keeley'ns. Dale Carnegie says, "Knowledge isn't power until it's applied." Each module in this series gives you an opportunity to learn a practical idea and then challenges you to act. By taking consistent, intentional actions, we can all move the KeeleyOne mission forward.


How to Participate

Head to the LMS to engage in these bite-size modules that encompass ways we can apply the core values of Variety, Opportunity, Inclusivity, Compassion, and Equity both in the office and beyond. Watch the 'Working Together Puzzle' content in addition to the INCLUDE videos to earn puzzle pieces for each core value!

We hope every Keeley’n earns all 5 pieces – with a bonus 6th to complete the puzzle cube piece for attending a KeeleyOne event! Click the LMS link below to begin completing your Puzzle!


Holi Trivia

Include Videos

KeeleyOne video shorts are live on the LMS Dashboards! These will automatically show up in your LMS Dashboard - both English and Spanish versions are available.

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Featured Course

Empathetic listeniing

Listening is an art and one of the most important aspects of successful communication. However, research suggests that people often pretend to listen or don't listen for long enough. Overcoming distractions and actively listening, rather than assuming the general direction of the conversation, improves communications exponentially.

Monthly Theme

Field Spotlights



Our craftspeople are the heart and soul of everything we do and their hard work on our jobsites day in and day out is the reason we are able to serve our trusted partners across the nation. Our people are spreading the Keeley’n culture and growing our family on every job. Darrin Johnson, Laborer in St. Louis, got a taste of the Keeley culture and knew that he had to be part of the journey.

Feild Spotlight

More Opportunities

KeeleyOne Schedule


KeeleyOne champions a culture of diversity and inclusion supporting the equity of our People. We will develop and recruit diverse talent while listening, educating, and engaging in conversations for a better tomorrow. 

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Featured Course

Connect with Others to Build Trust

Liz Haberberger

In this session, you learn to build trust and rapport to strengthen workplace bonds. These bonds are essential for teams to work harder together and deliver meaningful results. Being a part of a culture where trust is present benefits everyone because productivity is higher, and the work becomes more satisfying and rewarding. 


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