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We have a vision and strategic process focused on achieving results on purpose.

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Upcoming Educational Session:



12/5 | 11:00am-12:00pm CDT

with Curt Pietzman

KeeleyNation asked for more, and we heard you loud and clear. Curt

returns in this session to dive deep into the 2nd half of his August 2nd

live session. We’ll take a deeper look at how aligning your strategy

and direction with your mission and values creates lasting results for a

strong team.


Achieve Results on Purpose


Our i404 Action Planning System is a key component of the KeeleyWay. We are proud of our robust, intuitive, and user-friendly i404 platform. Log in to start achieving results on purpose today.

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The Keeleyway 

The KeeleyWay is our strategic process for ‘Achieving Results on Purpose’ – keeping every Keeley’n accountable to our goals as we continue to work toward our ever-growing vision. Watch the video below to hear from CEO, Rusty Keeley, and learn more about our KeeleyWay process.


The KeeleyWay process includes 5-year visions, MAPS, 3-year business plans, future organizational charts, annual budgets, and scorecards for each company & group. Our i404 action planning process keeps us accountable, with Keeley'ns creating meaningful action plans to drive our scorecard goals and achieve our vision.

Jan Torrisi-Mokwa


Jan Torrisi-Mokwa is the founder of Congruence, Inc., and author of Building Career Equity. The effect of her work is when leaders of the nation’s best organizations want to define and achieve more of their vital strategic goals, they call Jan. She was uniquely qualified to help leaders and professionals define and advance their most important goals. She was recognized by the St. Louis Business Journal as one of the region’s “Most Influential Women” and by the YWCA as an “Entrepreneurial Leader of Distinction”. Jan served as Keeley’s strategic planner until tragically passing away in 2018. Her legacy lives on through our embodiment of the strategic model she put in place, the KeeleyWay, and its logo - the iconic red lips that were a trademark of Jan.

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"The culture of the Keeley Companies is defined by an energy and passion for growth, high accountability for results, and genuine care and concern for the individual."

 - Jan Torrisi-Mokwa


Jan Torrisi-Mokwa
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