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Stacey, Gonzo, Sarah, Tim and Aggie 

This E^3 is to recognize Stacey, Gonzo, Sarah, Tim and Aggie for the Phoenix “meet & greet” event!   Stacey, thanks for the awesome email below and great feedback from our partners.   Our opportunity in Phoenix is beyond exciting.  Cheers to everyone that was involved.

Joe Mclintock, Chris Gross, Kevin Grzesiowski, Derek Maschek and Kimberly Reuther 

I am thrilled to announce that the project team has achieved occupancy for phase 1 which allows the Bloomington Municipal Credit Union folks to move out of an outdated, cramped, and not very functional building into a new spacious, modern, well-designed building. Phase 2 will begin shortly with a complete demolition of the existing building and new site improvements will be made to round out the design.  I want to extend my gratitude to the individuals who have been instrumental in bringing this project to Completion. Joe Mclintock, Chris Gross, and Kevin Grzesiowski have shown dedication and professionalism in overcoming various challenges, from skilled labor shortages to scheduling conflicts and site constraints. Their expertise has been truly commendable, and I am grateful for their contributions.   I also want to recognize the outstanding work of our design team, Derek Maschek and Kimberly Reuther, whose exceptional talent and creativity have resulted in a building layout and interior finishes that exceed expectations. Their attention to detail and alignment with BMCU’s branding efforts have truly elevated the project and led to an extremely happy owner.   I would like to personally thank all involved in this project for their time, dedication, and professionalism during this project. This client will sing the praises of Keeley to others in the industry and out of the industry because of your efforts on this project.   Keep up the great work.

Mike Jenkins and Crew along with Jake Cecil

Last year Mike Jenkins and Crew along with Jake Cecil worked for a new client, who was working for a new owner! Mike and crew not only impressed the contractor we worked for, but also the owner they were working for. They left such a great impression that the owner reached out to us directly about becoming a certified vendor for them!  Great work Mike & Jake! 

Tyler Parker, Mark Musser and Don Recar 

E3 to Tyler Parker, Mark Musser and Don Recar for coordinating, staffing and cooking for our Ewing office fish fry today!  Appreciate your hard work and cooking craftsmanship!  Thank you to the entire group who braved the oil!!! 😎

Josh Givens 

Sure going to miss you Josh!  Your ability to connect with the staff and members, remember names, go the extra mile and show that you truly care about everyone is appreciated more than you will know…. 

Matt Alberding & Ed Reinken

The Safety & Well Being of our Keeley’ns…Thank you Matt Alberding & Ed Reinken for putting this in action at the Stericycle Project.  Our team arrived at the project and encountered a change of conditions from previous site visits which could have put our team at risk.  Matt & Ed shut the crew down until they could coordinate with the client and our safety team to review the work environment.  This surely cost us some $$$ but our team went home safe, so we are still Winning!

Noah Buxton

I wanted to submit an E3 for Noah.  Even though he was hired as a true floating maintenance position it can still be challenging working on many different properties, for different manager, and being pulled different places each day.  Noah has been fantastic to work with in this position.  We have tried it several times with prior techs and it has never worked.  Noah always has a positive, can-do attitude on whatever it is I ask him to do.  While I try to give him a set weekly schedule there are many times I have to pull him to help out on other projects. Every property he has worked on the managers rave about how helpful he is and what a great attitude he has.  He is a really positive addition to our team! 

Joel Lopez (Safety Manager Polk)

I’d like to submit an E3 for Joel Lopez and his complete bracing of the NoHarm,NoIncident,NoCompromise safety culture within our Group.  Joel didn’t just do the bare minimum and get the recent award winners pictures with the HI-SafetyVest but he outsourced to get a video made so as to bring additional attention to the winners.  Amazing work by Joel and love his passion of keeping our Keeley’ns safe and motivated!

Rikk Wampler & Marc Norman

I’d like to submit an E3 to Rikk & Marc for staying passionate to improve our weekly safety meeting call.  At the start of the year I personally didn’t feel this meeting was hitting the necessary points to help drive and improve our safety culture within our Group.  I challenged Rikk and the entire Group to work for meaningful ways to bring real value to this meeting and make it so that we were driving ourselves to be better and therefore make our sites better. I am pleased to say I sat in our most recent meeting this Tuesday and not only was it an informative, well organized meeting lead by Marc BUT the conversation, information sharing, the highlighting of at risk BBS observations and how those were woven into daily safety discussions.  This weekly meeting that is discussing what real time observations were noted and corrected are what helps us drive the right kind of safety culture…big thanks to Rikk and Marc for their passion in helping keep our Keeley’ns safe.

Polk County Landfill RNG Project

This morning, I had the privilege of attending the pre-shift stand-up meeting conducted by Keeley Construction at our RNG project job site.  Keeley Construction is providing industrial construction services through SCS Energy, on behalf of Opal Fuels.  The Keeley Superintendent did an outstanding job of leading his team through a discussion about job site hazards, JSA’s and today’s planned activities.  To finish the stand-up meeting, the Superintendent led everyone in a series of pre-work stretching exercises to help prevent injury.      I was pleased to see this type of dedication and discipline toward safety and teamwork!  Hats off to the entire Keeley Construction Team!

Nick Watkins

This seems like a small thing but it isn't.  How we are perceived by passersby, the city, our visiting clients, and even by ourselves matters more than we could imagine, and usually in ways we'll never hear about.  Whether the trash in front of our building is intentional or accidental, whether it's "our fault" or "our responsibility", it reflects on us all.  Nick Watkins clearly gets this as he took an extra moment to pick up that trash instead of walking by.  Doing the right thing when (you think) nobody is watching is the embodiment of our Core Values!  Thanks Nick!

Randall Tyler 

I am submitting Randall Tyler a rigging specialist on Sycamore Ridge RNG project for Archaea in Pimento Indiana. I am submitting him for E3 for his above and beyond work ethic. The respect he gives fellow employees and management. The discipline to complete tasks according to rigging procedures safely every single day with pride and integrity. 

Vida Gutierrez

I want to recognize Vida Gutierrez for an E3 award. She is new to Keeley and the Phoenix office. She has done an outstanding job of coming in and learning the Keeley way and executing her job to the highest level possible. She has been pivotal as we are starting to kick the Phoenix Building office off. Coming in and learning new systems and being able to retain the knowledge to free up co-workers to peruse other ventures has been key to our growing success.

Jose Luis Alvarez

Jose Luis Alvarez noticed truck driver got out of his vehicle with out PPE. Jose immediately notified the truck driver to put on his PPE or to sit tight in his truck. Project - Messer Painted post NY, 23-6636

Jennifer Bloch 

 Team, I’d like to nominate Jennifer Bloch for an E3 submission for a unique and odd finding.  Jennifer is our tool room attendant here at the Rumpke-Pike RNG project in Waverly, OH. She was inspecting our fall protection harnesses this last Friday and discovered that 2 of the harnesses had the exact same lot number, date of manufacture, and serial number. She had not experienced this before and called the site safety manager for guidance. I had not experienced this before either.  There have been calls made to the manufacturer, Guardian, for a potential explanation for the unique situation. No resolution has been found just yet, but those 2 harnesses have been tagged out pending the results of the inquiry to Guardian.   If Jennifer had been less diligent, this could have easily been overlooked, and Keeley would have been unable to track the history of the fall protection, as required. Her attention to detail is appreciated by all at this job site.

Josh Ridler

Josh.  Thanks.  Luv your accountability with my i.4.0.4 inspection sharing the transition plan.  Great AP’s to drive results.  Jim and Andy.  This is all world!  I luv the discipline and accountability to the transition process and further developing our teams.   #developingleaders #keeleyway  Gents.  This is E^3 material😊

Tom Rojas and IT

The marketing team was in need of a quick server solution to handle our large video files and Tom and the IT team jumped on the request immediately to help us out. We were in a bind to get the large 4K files off of our cloud-based server so we could deliver a video for our client. Due to the large file sizes it would take over 24+ hours to move the files from the cloud to our laptops.  Within minutes we were given some great alternative server options and file transfers were underway shortly after. We appreciate the fast, friendly, innovative solutions Tom and the team brought to the table. Thanks!

Paving Team- Neighbors Credit Union

Please add to this E^3, the paving team who provided great service as well. – “Power of One” between 3 business units overall! 

Keith Smith, Jeremiah Frech, and Drew Forney 

Big Shout out to our Infrastructure Solar Farm Team on the Baldwin Project for continuing to push the Pre-Planning Agenda.  The team saw an opportunity to invest in sending key leaders to Arizona to meet with the Solar Panel Manufacturer to learn their system.  The team saw immediate success after the training and have adjusted the plan to improve quality and efficiency of the install.  The trip was squeezed into the week right before production started and the team didn’t return until midnight.  Thank you Keith Smith, Jeremiah Frech, and Drew Forney for your dedication and exceeding expectations!

Jose Jimenez 

I like to recognize Jose Jimenez at SCS Polk RNG, Florida (24-6638) today (4.1.24) the generator for the concrete company office (Not Keeley related) on site ran out of diesel, a supervisor representative from concrete company stop at Keeley office to ask if we can help to use one of Keeley diesel supplier/distributor to fill their generator (the key for their diesel distributor went lost) Jose Jimenez was notified and ask to help filling with diesel their generator using one of Keeley distributors. He received the notification during his lunch break, he did not hesitate to complete the task in the middle of his lunch break. His positive attitude and efficiency were appreciate and recognized.

Aggie Sherwin, Brian Hogan, Jim Smith, Karen Fox, Mat Cardani, Matthew Beckett, Matthew Bradley, Melissa Smith, Mike Gartrell, Nicole Henderson, And Rob Miller

I am submitting an E3 for all our graduates of the FA23 cohort of Conversational Spanish for Construction.  The folks in this program embraced Discipline and Empowerment through this course.  Here’s how they did it: •    Discipline o    Some learners embraced this when they followed the recommendations from KU and scheduled time on their calendars weekly to ensure they spread out their education and paced themselves o    Some learners were not able to schedule the time as their workload was too great, so they took initiative and dedicated time in the evenings and weekends to be sure the completed the course. o    Some folks were worried they would not be able to finish the course in time, but they pushed through and in the 11th hour they completed the course.  •    Empowerment o    Many of learners attended the KU scheduled check ins and really helped each other by giving suggestions and tools which helped them.  Some examples are flash cards, adjusting the speed of the audio/video files to a comfortable setting which allowed them to hear better, etc. o    Some learners shared external or outside learning apps/resources which helped bolster their learning.  Our program is not meant to make them fluent, so some tools in other apps cannot be used in this program, but they found by using them together, they were so much more successful in the program. 

Luis Jimenez 

Massive Thanks ! to Luis Jimenez (Superintendent at SCS Polk RNG, Florida)  for his dedication and commitment to Safety and Quality. Excellent is a direct result of extra effort. The whole team feel honored to have received a positive comment from one of RNG Directors this morning after he joined our daily pre-shift meeting. Highlighting: work planning (PJHA), stretch and flex routine, but more important the engagement from top to bottom to insure everyone come back home safely. Also, I like to share one of Mr. Luis Jimenes favorite phrase: Consistency is a key to prevent Complacency. 

Bill Johnson

E^3 to Bill Johnson for passing his universal HVAC certification earlier this month! This course was for an EPA Section 608 certification (impressive!) consisting of four different sections with individual test scores for each.  Not only did Bill only have two weeks to study for the test…he did it all on his own time!  Bill – congrats on this certification AND for investing in yourself and your future!  Kudos to you!  

Bobby Randle, Ty Shinn, Austin Harner, Jeremy VanHuss, John Sloan, Bill Newcomb, and with the help of Brandon Gerber and Kyle Schnitzmeier at our shop

There is only one quote that I can think of to explain the effort by our Energy crews at the Northport Substation and that is “QUALITY, SAFETY, AND SERVICE NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE”. – Larry Keeley. Our crews inherited a very difficult project, in a less than optimal season, for a new utility company and EXCEEDED all expectations of not only our office, but our client and the utility. Led by Cole Jezek our crew of: Bobby Randle, Ty Shinn, Austin Harner, Jeremy VanHuss, John Sloan, Bill Newcomb, and with the help of Brandon Gerber and Kyle Schnitzmeier at our shop, completed the original scope of this project AND sold the client on an additional Millon dollars of revenue by providing EXCELLENT customer service and quality with the highest regard of safety for our crews and the surrounding landowners. You. All. Rock!!! 

Javier Varela, Gustavo Martinez, Jake Johnson, and Jonathan Purser 

I wanted to recognize Javier Varela, Gustavo Martinez, Jake Johnson, and Jonathan Purser for their efforts with the initial phase of the Family Dollar Rotocart Ramp Modifications, helping streamline their delivery process.    CBRE contacted Keeley Construction to scope, design, and build new concrete ramps to accommodate Family Dollar’s new Rotocarts.  Each location varied in their specifications.  The initial phase consisted of 10 store locations in the Carolinas.  Jake and Jonathan worked together to provide detailed proposals for each location, communicating with the stores and CBRE on their exact needs.  Upon award, Family Dollar provided a strict schedule for completion, working around store deliveries.  With Jonathan communicating the schedule with the store managers, Javier and Gustavo would demo the existing structure, form, and pour the new ramps.  Even with multiple pours at some locations, the stores experienced zero interruption.  During construction, the Team kept patrons, store personnel, and themselves safe with daily safety assessments, proper barricading, and equipment staging.  The service and quality provided by the Team was exceptional.  Recognizing the quality product they were receiving, CBRE and Family Dollar has requested Keeley Construction to scope and provide proposals on 42 additional locations.  GREAT JOB!

Amy Sherer

Amy Sherer made a fantastic Design/Build presentation for the Building Group March STP. Her questions and diagrams sparked a great discussion and engagement from the group. Thank you, Amy, for creating such an awesome tool to inspire and educate the team.   

Brendan Hobbs

I would like to recognize equipment hauler, Brendan Hobbs for his professionalism and thoroughness while handling a vehicle incident on St. Charles Rock Rd. a few weeks ago. The motorist was not forthcoming with information and Brendan maintained his composure while documenting damage, properly reporting the incident and communicating with authorities. His actions made a direct impact on how the officers processed the scene and how quickly claims manager, Jill Lauer, was able to begin processing the claim. Thank you Brendan for leading by example everyday behind the wheel! 

Chuck Rademacher and Jon Callahan

In the month of March the DOT Compliance program saw 2 clean roadside inspections.  Chuck Rademacher from the Fleet Department received a clean Level- 1, 37- point inspection issued by the State of Missouri on his truck and trailer, while Jon Callahan, with Paving Group, received a clean Level-3, 13- point inspection on his driver and vehicle documentation issue by the State of Arkansas.   Thank you both for your continued dedication to our fleet safety program. You both are Rockstars, Let's keep it going!  

Bernardino Hernandez

Employee (Bernardino Hernandez) showed initiative building a wood stand for PJHA’s. His proactivity was appreciated. He is been noticed by other for being a team player always willing to help and learn. He is one of the most experienced by age on the team. Big thanks to Bernardino. 

Diana Ramirez 

I want to nominate Diana Ramirez for an E3 for delivering outstanding white glove service to our residents. Diana squeezed time in beteeen a heavy tour day to help a resident with his AT&T and direct tv which was very time consuming. Thank you, Diana! 

Zach Czaia

I would like to nominate Zach Czaia for an E3 for his effort on the Bayer Illiopolis Storm Shelter project.  Though the project had challenges, Zach demonstrated our CORE VALUES – PRIDE every single day.  He elevated the performance of our sub partners, picked up the pieces through any short comings they had, and delivered a premium service experience our clients site management team was not previously accustomed to.  Zach’s focus on safety, quality craftsmanship, and client satisfaction were apparent throughout the project.  With only a few punch list items left to go, Zach turned over a finished structure that the client can count on for their personnel’s safety in extreme weather situations.  Zach’s positive personal interactions with the Bayer Illiopolis site helped build our reputation and opened the door for future opportunities.  It’s a great compliment when the client invites you to their staff meals as one of their own and I believe Zach would be welcomed back anytime to join at their table.  Great job Zach.  On to the next one.

Ben Straatmann

I would like to give a E3 shout out to Ben Straatmann.  Over the past 3 weeks Ben has been working as a PE on a Labadie Shutdown project. As we all know, power plant shutdowns are critical and fast paced. He has been a key player to our success in staying on schedule. His want to learn, timely communication, and willingness to ask questions has contributed to a more efficient project. He has also been doing this while training for the NFL during his off hours.   Appreciate all the hard work you’re putting in Ben!! Keep it up. 

Erik, Njeri, Chris, & Aaron- Cybersecurity Team

Wanted to give a shoutout to a team that, I feel, goes unrecognized because they work in the background and are usually only recognized if something bad happens. The cybersecurity team has been working tirelessly helping Keeley’ns with issues they come across with ZScaler and phishing attempts. I appreciate the extra step they’ve gone with the educational materials they offer through KnowBe4 and their own expertise. Erik, Njeri, Chris, & Aaron you guys truly rock and keep the company safer than anybody knows!

Diana Ramirez 

E3 for Diana Ramirez for going above and beyond to create this fun and interactive community experience event for our Clover residents. While a majority of focus is on external marketing/communications to lease up Clover, Diana knows that retention is very important no matter the stage of the community. We appreciate your creative mind and enthusiasm. You are an asset to Clover and Keeley! 

Randall Tyler 

I am submitting Randall Tyler a rigging specialist on Sycamore Ridge RNG project for Archaea in Pimento Indiana. I am submitting him for E3 for his above and beyond work ethic. The respect he gives fellow employees and management. The discipline to complete tasks according to rigging procedures safely every single day with pride and integrity. 

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