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Month of October

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Lily Hanlon 

Shoutout to Lily Hanlon and her over-and-above work ethic & attitude.   Lily has been making the transition from Marlowe to The Clover in the most smooth and graceful way, not ever letting a ball drop. Often times she has literally been juggling residents at Marlowe & at the same time dealing with major construction challenges at The Clover, and never ever has she let either team down… to the point that when I’m at either property, the residents loooooove to dote on her because they trust her and know they’re in the best hands with her. It’s fun to watch and makes me proud that she’s on the Keeley Properties team.  #truesuperstar

Nicole and Marketing Team

Nicole, Stellar week for your team!!  Pedal, KASM, and Partner BBQ.  Meticulously planned and well executed.  We all appreciate you and your team. 

Michael Schmidt

I want to do a E3 for Michael Schmidt and his ability to help get us a contractor to help us with a mechanical license that we needed to complete our Plug Power work.  Basically because of some other issues, New Mexico required a license that Keeley didn’t have nor anticipate that we needed.  Due to this they pulled our work permit and stopped us till Michael got involved and talked them into allowing us to temporarily proceed.  It was here that he not only went above and beyond but pulled through getting someone (after contacting like 30-40) on board to come to site, oversee our crew complete the work and pull the permit.  Michael has been amazing during his entire time at Keeley but in this case he really pulled us out of a really bad situation and showed Plug why Keeley will always just find a way!...thanks Mike

Darrin Justus and Greg Steele

Scott Kuchta was on site today conducting a safety audit, which went very well.  His visit generated a positive SIS report referencing the grounding wires that are  installed under the French drains and extended above ground for the electricians to attach too.  He was impressed that the “pigtail” portions above ground had been pin down  with fabric staples eliminating a trip hazard.   This extra step of “thinking outside the box”, Scotts words, was thought of and produced by Greg Steele prior to me working on the site.  Thanks Greg for helping move the needle back in the right direction. Darrin and Greg, The two of you live each day thinking about how to send your teammates home safely.  Thank you, you both are Exceptional!

Melissa Wilson

Melissa has been a lifesaver at Screaming Eagle. Her management knowledge and access to vendors has been unparalleled. I am so grateful to have her on my team and be able to learn from her. I look forward to growing and learning from her every day. 

Michael Brantley 

My computer crashed the day before KASM and Michael Brantley came dropped everything to fix my computer without question. He fixed it swiftly and with a smile on his face. He is always willing to help and ensure we can operate at the speed of business. 

Fabian Maciel 

  I would like to recognize Fabian Maciel for exceeding all expectations. Fabian is a very young and highly motivated employee and the protégé of Miguel Mendoza. In just a short time Fabian has learned and mastered the skill of cone and thread tubing, to such an extent that our internal teams fight over who gets him to come to their project to do the tubing. The same can be said on the client side. I have been on numerous calls where the Plug representatives have personally requested that Fabian be on their projects. Fabian has also stepped up and become a leader in the field and has helped our team out in situations where we needed another leader and were stretched thin across so many simultaneous Plug project executions. Fabian is very smart and has a bright and promising future here at Keeley. 

Shane Soens

Last week Shane Soens submitted a good (GREAT) catch at the Fargo Substation. An additional outage was scheduled at the Fargo substation for both the Bus and the Line in which were in close proximity to our drilling and placement work zone. This outage was scheduled for 10/4/23. The crews had been planning to position our equipment in a manner in which would allow the maximum usage of our work zone without compromising the safety of not only our crew but the additional contractors in the substation.  On the morning of 10/4/23, Shane observed the Ameren crews disconnect the line, but they kept the 138kV Bus LIVE. This would have put our planned activities too close to our minimum approach distance (MAD) however due to Shane’s awareness of the plan and the proposed scheduled outage, he was able to identify the hazard and immediate notify the client! It was discovered that the client accidently only scheduled the line outage and did not include the Bus. GREAT WORK KEEPING EVERYONE SAFE SHANE! 

Sam Bauer

With Help Desk being shorthanded for an extended period, Sam has really stepped up Huge. He has taken on all challenges, and has gone above and beyond, staying late, and coming in early as needed.

JR Winningham

On 10/24/23, KCG crews were on site at the Mattoon West Substation. The crew’s focus on the day was to rock the substation yard in preparation of the Control Enclosure delivery (delivery expected on 10/25/23). For those who don’t know the Control Enclosure delivery is the talk of nearly every ATX call as it is very important. The crews struggled to maintain production as there were delays due to another on site contractor however, the team was able to stay a bit later and finish the yard rocking. At the completion of their day and upon the crew’s exit, KCG Superintendent, JR Winningham noticed that the Control Enclosure was arriving, and the Construction Supervisor had no one on site to help him. JR made the decision to stay longer to help the Construction Supervisor.  JR – Thank you for everything that you do on a daily basis and always representing the Keeley Way. Things like this go a long way with the client. 

Angela Clayton

Big E3 shoutout to Angela! She has been working so hard recently and puts in so much dedication to Marlowe! She exceeds expectations with scheduling vendors and directing them. She effortlessly manages a busy day with vendors and has great communication. She has done an amazing job leading the temporary maintenance team and closing out so many work orders this week and following up! We appreciate your hard work Angela!! 

Joe Sterkis & Matt Bone 

Nominating Joe Sterkis & Matt Bone for E3s.  Joe and Matt have both been committed to safety and getting all onsite personnel home safe every night. Most recently a new sub-contractor came on site at a project in Cairo, Illinois. Joe first had me look at the confined space training certificates they had turned in for entry to a confined space when he noticed the wording Confined Space Awareness on the certificates and length of training was only twenty minutes. This was a great catch. When I called about the training, I was told that this didn’t certify the workers for entry. Later that same day,  one trailer load of #8 rebar was offloaded without any issues by using a crane.  A second trailer that was loaded at a different time and a different yard was positioned to unload. This load was very poorly loaded and there wasn’t the correct manpower or equipment on site to safely off load it. The sub contractor’s PM was pushing to just cut the bundles of #8 bar loose and unload it by hand. Joe and Matt were having no part of this and sent the trailer back to the yard to be reloaded.

Brett M Wilson, Bronson Holland, Charles E Patton and Jason Haydenel Schmidt

On the weekend of 10/7 and 10/8 we had to remove the concrete at the front entrance at Neighbors Credit Union and form/pour some new footings. This allowed us to pour the new concrete entrance on Monday when the credit union was closed for the holiday.  4 Keeleyn’s gave up their weekend with their family and friends to get this completed.  Thanks goes to Brett M Wilson, Bronson Holland, Charles E Patton and Jason Hayden.  We also had a crew from Richardet Flooring installing tile in the lobby that same weekend.

Ben Douglas

I want to give a shout out to Ben Douglas, he has been working with several folks to learn many processes in Building Group and is now the first PM to complete his monthly owner billings!  Way to go Ben – you are a great student.

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