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We are focused on ensuring every Keeley'n makes it home safe every single day.

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Upcoming Instructor-Led Course:



11/28 | 4:00 PM - 4:30 PM

with Rob Miller

Join us for our monthly safety meeting where we learn different ways

to work #KeeleySafe.


Monthly Theme

11/27 Weekly Safety Discussion Topic


Here we are at the end of November.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  Just as we started the long weekend last Wednesday, we should start the week this morning – with a reminder that the highest rates of incidents throughout the industry occur just before and just after holidays.  Remember the two events that we had just prior to the long weekend.  Take a minute this morning to recount with your team highlights from the weekend, then get hyper-focused of your work at hand and performing it safely.  Remember, to get home to your loved ones at the end of the day, you must make safe work more than a priority, but rather a value.  Once that is out of the way, please review the attached Weekly Safety Discussion Topic on Tool Maintenance and Inspections and discuss with your crews.  Please reach out to your Safety Team for any needs you may have.


 Team members can use the Safety One Stop (SOS) app to submit good catches and safety assessments. With many features designed to make safety reporting as easy as possible, the SOS app streamlines processes and provides consistency for team members.

Good Catches

Week of November 13-17

TOP 10 Good Catches

1. Dalton Adams | Civil | Other

2. Mark Musser | Civil | Slips/Trips/Housekeeping & Kevin Bell | Paving | Slips/Trips/Housekeeping

3. Jason Forney | Civil | Fall Protection/Ladders/Scaffolds & Joe Phillip | Building | Fall Protection/Ladders/Scaffolds & Ken Hicks | Building | Fall Protection/Ladders/Scaffolds

4. Matt Evrard | Civil | Caught Between/Struck By

5. Jason Hayden | Building | PPE

6. Jesse Bivens | Civil | Other 

7. Todd Hake | Building | Caught Between/Struck By

8. Keith Smith | Civil | Slips/Trips/Housekeeping

9. Ryan Murphy | Building | PPE

10. Penny Curl | Paving | PPE

My Why

My Why

Our number one priority is keeping our Keeley’ns Safe! Everyone has a “My Why” on why they choose to stay KeeleySafe every single day - what’s yours?

KeeleySafe Schedule

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Not only do we have a world-class Safety Program, but we pride ourselves on our Safety Culture with the universal belief that ZERO unsafe acts are not only possible but sustainable.

Safety Shoutouts

With Rob Miller:

Safety Shoutouts

In our latest episode of Safety Shoutouts, our Vice President of Safety, Rob Miller, gives some helpful ways you can ensure you and your team members stay KeeleySafe as the weather gets colder and we get one year older.

Award winning

Focus on Safety

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