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Sustainability is our commitment to the future. What we do matters for our environment, our communities, and for generations to come. 

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Greening up our jobsites

Keeley’ns, come GROW with KeeleyGreen and learn new, better ways to live & operate more sustainably.



11/15 | 11:30am-12:30pm CDT

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The Holidays are upon us!  Enjoy all the gifts, giving, foods, and drinks (responsibly of course).  Here’s a way to have a little less negative impact and introduce a new beautiful tradition.


Each of us will produce on average 6.5 pounds of waste per day over the holidays, or about 1.5 pounds more than the usual daily average .  This includes food waste, food packaging, wrapping paper, shopping bags, bows and ribbons, and more.  With a population of 330 million, that means we’ll produce almost 3 TRILLION MORE POUNDS of garbage PER WEEK during the holidays versus the rest of the year.  If you wanted to give reducing your footprint a go, maybe ‘tis the season to try.


Food waste can be composted and would really help your garden if you have one, but let’s save that topic for next Spring.


Let’s talk about all that gift-wrapping and associated waste that’s about to happen. You already know that MOST wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to the foils and sparkles and such.  How about reusable wrapping “paper”?!  The Japanese have a beautiful technique called “furoshiki” that involves wrapping gifts in reusable cloth, that can be purchased or even home-made!  Find some beautiful cloth at your local fabric store that have use beyond the season.  Perhaps find some unwanted fabrics in your own home and remake them into your own personalized decorative wrappings that will find reuse for years to come.  Could be a great creative project for kids as well.

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​KeeleyGreen’s mission is to RAISE the sustainability standards by which we design, build, operate, and live.

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 We adapt to new sustainable practices and build partnerships that bring innovative sustainable solutions to  market.

We individually do our part to keep our planet clean. 

 We teach people how to act more sustainably and energize our people to be leaders in sustainability.  

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We collectively work to achieve ZERO CARBON FOOTPRINT.

Fun Fact

wood waste

Wood waste is the 2nd largest component of construction and demolition waste (after concrete), contributing about 20-30% annually of the building-related total, and about 10% of all materials. In 2010, around 36,400,000 TONS (=72.8 BILLION pounds) were wasted just in our industry (80% from demolition). That’s about 6 times the weight of the Great Pyramid of Khufu in Egypt. Wood can be recovered and processed into timber, boards, and mulch, and of course as fuel.


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